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At Cypress Taxes, our services focus on the knowledge and efficiency every successful business needs.

We bring a dedicated team of service professionals and experts to the table with a wide range of knowledge and experience to draw from. The members of your team will work closely with your tax department to raft a custom solution to meet your needs and maximize your financial picture.

Our expert teams are comprised of individuals who represent a broad range of business experience. Together, they will address your critical business issues to create a powerful and sustainable solution by leveraging technology and guiding the management process. Our goal is to strengthen your position in the marketplace and boost your bottom line as a result.


Auditing and Accounting

We offer auditing and accounting service experts to set up and assist clients with financial reporting and cost-accounting software and systems, financial statements, internal audits, and quality assurance services.

Merger and Acquisition

Our merger and acquisition specialists help grow your business by assessing your market position, recommending avenues of diversification, and identifying attractive business opportunities to complement your existing holdings. We will guide you all the way through the mergers and acquisitions process.

Public Company (SEC) Services

Ready to go public? Cypress Taxes will take your company to the next level with expert guidance and sound tax and legislative advice.

Tax Services

Our tax teams will provide planning, compliance, and audit assistance covering a diverse range of issues and across worldwide boundaries. You can count on us for accuracy and compliance.


We will integrate our software with your systems and train your team for daily use. Even after everything is in place, you can count on us for support and ongoing training, updates, and information.


Accounting and Business Software

We offer a wide range of integrated business and accounting software solutions designed to meet the needs of any business.

Accurate. Automated. Efficient.

International tax solutions

Multinational tax solutions

Multi-state tax solutions

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